About Neurowaxx

Mixed Multimedia Art


About me:

I am Neurowaxx. An artist who strives to defy conventional boundaries. My creative journey began with an unconventional teacher—my mother, a watercolor painter who expressed her artistry during pregnancy. Despite her postpartum depression and the subsequent pause in her artistic endeavors, her legacy ignited my passion for visual expression.


The Divergence

Life took me on a 20-year detour into  a career as an emergency physician, but I maintained a steady interest in music and video composition. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I found solace in creating art alongside my children. It was something my mom passed down to me and I felt it important to teach them the basics.  I started enjoying painting more and more.  I began to experiment with a workflow that combines an interplay of refinement between software and substrate to get to the final creation. 


The Neurowaxx Aesthetic

My compositions are inspired by life experiences and a vast collection of art books, biological, medical, scientific, and spiritual imagery.  I craft rough designs using software like Procreate and Photoshop. I also embrace  technology and  AI as tools to enhance productivity. Once satisfied, I hand sketch and use printmaking techniques to recreate the composed image onto substrate. Some pieces are born from scratch, drawn and  painted with acrylics and oils without any digital drafting. Others incorporate mixed media printmaking, 3D printing, and found elements encased in resin.

Because of my background in graphic design and video,  I try to incorporate motion into my works  beyond just the static art. I weave an animated thread through my work, creating videos that resonate with each painting. QR codes embedded within the canvas lead viewers to these audio-visual experiences. I often record timelapse videos of my process and incorporate them into the videos. Beneath it all lies a curated theme—the evolution of  biological and digital consciousness and its interplay with the physical world. 

The Name

Why Neurowaxx? It's a fusion of "neuro" (the tissue connecting conscious experience) and "wax" (a malleable material that shapes form and conducts sound). Like grooves on a vinyl record, my art etches stories into existence. I prefer the anonymity of a pseudonym because it allows  compositions to be free from identity or ego. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.